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The sales funnel is a sequence of several steps made to transform the potential user into a (permanent) customer. It is called a funnel to show you the process of narrowing down from the unconsciousness of users and a wide potential mass to a smaller number of interested people who are ready to buy your product.

Sales funnels got incredibly popular after the Clickfunnels came out – they enable everyone to create amazing websites and sales funnel within a few hours – Even to those without any coding knowledge! To read more about it, check out this in-depth clickfunnels review 2019.

Phases of the Purchase Cycle: Where Are Your Customers?

In order to understand the sales funnel strategies, we need to understand how customers work. Customers are divided into 3 simplified stages of the sales cycle:

The first phase of the sales cycle – I do not know and I do not care

People who are not least interested in our product or service do not know that we exist, we do not need them and do not even think about it. For example, a person wears monthly lenses from the same manufacturer for years, is satisfied and does not think about the changes.

The second phase of the buying cycle – I am interested, but I still see who I like most

People who are aware of the problem and begin to realize that the problem is bothering them. For example, a person has been wearing lenses for a long time, but now he is planning to start sporting activities in the water and the lenses are starting to bother more and more. The person begins to inquire about eye surgery and informs about the process and recovery.

The third phase of the buying cycle – That’s it, I’m buying!

People decided to deal with the problem in more detail and decide to take action. For example, a person may decide to continue to explore options related to possible operations, change lenses, or try to swim without an ideal sight. The person has made the decision, the problem wants to be solved and now she is interested in who specifically offers the problem of her solution. It asks about the price, about the experiences of other users, asks for recommendations and offers.